KD Johnson

Colehill Computer Associates

KD Johnson (pictured) first started working with businesses in the Bournemouth and Poole area of Dorset in 1990 - helping them to make sense of their computer software and technology hardware

When, after some time, he started working with like-minded people who could offer hardware-level repairs, programming, internet services and network cabling the business name "Colehill Computer Associates" was adopted to describe the collaboration.

Our business model is primarily business-to-business, though we do help out some home users. Most of our clients don't have their own in-house IT personnel - they have their own business in Sales, Distribution, Building, Plumbing, Accountancy, Finance or whatever and they rely on us to handle their IT needs - we are their IT Department.

Our clients vary in size from one-man (or woman) operations trading from home to a professional business employing over a hundred people across three offices.

We hold certifications and partnerships with several major hardware vendors, including Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Zyxel, Oki and Canon, but our business model offers much more than just box-shifting - we supply install, configure and support these products on behalf of our clients.

Having originally specialised in Novell Netware we now manage Windows servers for several client businesses as well as managing their email systems and office to office and home to office communications.

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Colehill Computer Associates